Why We Built This?

Our Story

Sharing investment knowledge should be easy. Our goal is to make that knowledge more accessible by making it social.

If investing is easier to talk about, it'll be easier to learn. The most valuable parts of a Bloomberg Terminal are it's communication tools and it's data... we want to make these valuable tools available to all investors.

Whether you're buying your first stock or a seasoned trader... we think these two investing theses apply:

Thesis 1

The best way to learn/improve is by DOING

  • If it's fun and with friends, it's easier to start and easier to stick with...
  • You'll learn more + earn more

  • Thesis 2

    Friends & family are untapped knowledge

  • If that knowledge is shared, everybody's performance improves...
  • Increase your wealth + increase your wisdom

  • We're a small group of engineers from Google, Uber, hedge funds and VC funds. We each learned and fell in love with investing because we learned and improved with our friends and family.

    David McDonough

    While at Google building software for VCs, David started coding CommonStock as a side-project so his friends & family could discuss investments, share knowledge and invest together. Prior to Google, he invested in startups at Greenspring Associates, a VC fund. He started his first investment group during the 2008 financial crisis as a tennis/squash pro after college... It was called T.A.R.P. (Team America Recession Police) and he quickly realized the power when investing is social, accessible and fun.

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    We're lucky to be backed by some of the best venture investors, and best people, in the industry...

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